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Welcome to my Website

Hey there, I'm Andrei; or as you might know me online, S0x41 or GalaxyNova. Currently I'm a full-time computer science student and OSS hacker. I like reading about philosophy, writing and using software, reading books, and learning about the universe. I also really like the 80s aesthetic as you can see from this amazing web design.

I consider myself an open source enthousiast and enjoy the pleasure of running Linux (more specifically, NixOS and SilverBlue) as my primary operating system.


I open source most of my projects on Github, here's a few that I think are impressive enough to be included here.

  • mIRCy -- a semi functional IRC client
  • Continuity -- a fascinating evolution simulator with neural networks
  • ReversiML -- a reversi AI that is sort of good, built with tensorflow

What You Can Find Here

Depending on when you read this there might be a varying amount of content here, but the general things that I am planning to have here are:

  • A Journal, where I post tidbits of my life or what I'm up to
  • A list of my projects as well as my articles
  • Links to my friend's websites
  • Pictures / attempts at photography
  • A wiki / mindmap (maybe)

If you're a webring user and you're ready to jump to the next website, head on over to my about page

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